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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Letting go, Letting the Spirit take over

It has been a very busy week. Mike and I traveled on Wednesday to Woodsville for the installation of the dean Fr. Al. We both received the opportunity to serve at altar with the Bishop. The journey felt like old times together. We both agreed we missed the journey, but not the classes.That evening before Mass I told Fr. Andrew I would be assisting him on Friday morning Mass. He immediately asked..."do you want to preach?" There was a moment of hesitation and then I said yes. Wow, not much time to prepare, and then I looked at the reading and then anxiety took over. I relaxed, prayed, and starting putting it together keeping in mind what Fr. Andrew said, short and one maybe two points. I was determined with some doubt about finally preaching without notes. Fr. Kyle in his last critique shared that I needed to preach without notes in order to be better. I would have to let go of the crutches that I have been using. I feel safe with notes, yet, probably not trusting in the Holy Spirit as I should. Before Mass Fr. Andrew said..." are you still okay?" Yes! He then asked what are your points and beginning with the first, and then the second, he immediately said got with that one. Again, the anxiety took over as I reviewed my notes,and then said...."I need to trust in the Spirit!" I closed my notebook and we proceeded with the Mass. The time came and then there was a calm, a clarity, a joy, in preaching. My point was that we are called to produce fruit in our lives, and I shared about a moment in High School that I was put on notice like the Priests and Elders that I was not producing fruit, that even though I thought I was making the grade, my teacher who was fair, tough, and truthful, reminded me in front of class that I wasn't. She found my hot button, like Christ knows ours and is pushing it to produce what he knows we are capable of. We are halfway through lent and we all need to do a gut and reality check. We need to look deep inside of us as we face Christ the Teacher in the eyes, and be honest about where we are so far and what grade, effort, or fruit are we producing. 


Deacon Mitch

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