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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Je Cherche le Visage!

Yesterday, was a very mixed bag of happenings in my life. Terry and I attended a funeral for her Aunt yesterday. If you would have asked me what was an area of ministry that I would struggle with, immediately I would have said prison ministry. Without having even spent one moment dealing with that ministry, the unknown left me with uncertainty and probably fears.

Recently I have had to deal with the death of three friends, and one whom I saw on his deathbed. I am struggling with this for many reasons. I have not lost very many people that I Love. I am so blest to have my Mom and Dad still alive, and I regard each and every day a blessing in my life. I know that their mortality eats away at me, each and every time I deal with a friend who is dying. In her recent questionnaire Terry listed dealing with death as an issue that should be addressed at our formation weekends.  I whole heartedly agree. Not just for me personally, but in an aging community this ministry will be a fact of life for me.

At Mass yesterday and old Hymn was played and sung so beautifully. "Je Cherche le Visage" was one that has remained with me, and to hear it again literally brought tears to my eyes! Our faith is so rich by the diversity, of all our ethnic, and cultural heritages. I am searching or looking for the face of God is the literal translation. Vous etes le corps du Christ, you are the body of Christ, vous etes le sang du Christ, you are the blood of Christ, vous etes la paix du Christ, you are the peace of Christ. Alors, qu'avez vous faites pour lui, So what have you done for him? You can sing a song all your life and bang, it comes to life for you all over again. This song is so simple, loving, and powerful as we focus on the words. As we all journey on searching for the face of God, please reflect on these during Lent. If you are interested in hearing the song, just go to youtube.com and check it out.

After Mass Terry, my Son, and I had lunch at a restaurant and had the chance to talk. My Son is going through a difficult break up with his girlfriend and moved back home. He is struggling along and will have to sift through the difficulties of change and being depressed by the lost of a relationship, which is a grieving process. I've also noticed how the tension can escalate and cause arguments, which we had to deal with. Again, our faith is on forgiveness and redemption and we talked through those issues later that night.

Lastly, Tuesdays are my league bowling night and we were in fourth place facing the third place team. My first game I bowled a 251 and had seven strikes in a row. That was the best game I ever bowled in my life. The next two games weren't as impressive but we had a great team night, and took four points to move up to third place and meet next week to decide who finishes in second place. The ups and downs in life is just like a bowling game, keep plugging away and you never know how it will finish up. Go back to basics, relax, and trust in what you have learned.

Well that's it for today, and yeah I'm on vacation this week.

Adieu mes Amis!


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