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Monday, November 26, 2012

One of His brightest stars!

I have been thinking a lot about my sister, my faith, and how much we are a gift to each other. I have literally been overwhelmed how many stars, (little angels) have been there to comfort us and reassure us. Last night I thought of God speaking to Abraham and showing him his lineage. I see God pointing out to Abraham all the stars that are just too many to number. I also imagine God pointing to Abraham and telling him something about every little star in the heavens. Each precious and loved in their own way. Today, I see God pointing out to Abraham my sister who continues to shine even though she is now at peace in the Lord's arms. He tells her how much love she gave, and that she was one who  gave of herself so unselfishly. 

My family and I want to thank you all, all the little angels who sent a card, shared some food, gave us a hug when we needed one, and carried us all in this difficult time. We realize that we aren't alone that everyone suffers and shares in our loss. We are a community of Love!

Today I attended morning prayer with my buddy and once again, the Lord was fully present in Scriptures. I read the following verse from Psalm 42 and immediately thought of my sister:

 These things will I remember
as I pour out my soul:
how I would lead the rejoicing crowd
into the house of God,
amid cries of gladness and thanksgiving,
the throng wild with joy.

All I could think of was how my sister would greet us when we all join her in Heaven. I can see her leading us amid cries of gladness and thanksgiving, wild with joy. 

Merci beaucoups a tous! (thank you very much to all!)

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis!


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