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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

You were chosen

It was a busy day being a deacon today. I met with a beautiful young family preparing to have a child baptized and first communion for the eldest child. Tonight I met with a very wonderful young man who has much to discern. He has  a a lot of soul-searching to do. We met for about an hour even though it didn't feel like it. Before the meeting I sat and prayed trying to figure out what the Lord wanted me to say to him, and through revelation this is what I shared from the novena to Saint Joseph.....

"You were chosen by the Holy Spirit. He is the mutual Love of the Father and the Son -- the heart of the Holy Trinity. In His wisdom He draws forth all creatures from nothing, guides them to their end in showing them their destiny and giving them the means to reach it. Every vocation and every fulfillment of a vocation proceeds from the Holy Spirit. "

And so goes our lives, we are chosen, we need to allow the Holy Spirit to move us , to fill us with grace,and serve Christ.

Dona Nobis Pacem

Deacon Mitch

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