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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hi Ho!

It's been an incredible week and  it keeps rolling along. I've accomplished a few tasks around the house like changing a faucet, and replacing the overhead microwave. I'm not a very handy man, and when I do something it really surprises me. I've been the kind of person in the past that will say, I can't do that, I don't know how to do that, or I won't do that. As I reflect on this week maybe, the Lord is trying to teach me something through these little chores. I probably need to learn to slow down a bit and try to do something that I might just accomplish if only I tried. I've learned that they take a little more patience, a little more careful planning, using tools that I have that I just kept in storage. Anyways, they are done and the wife is happy! You know happy wife, happy life! A friend of mine told me that phrase. I like it! 

Were about half way done through the Liturgy of the perplexed course. I've really loved reading this lecture and have come away with so much. I would actually love to share one with you....................

"At its deepest level, therefore, the language of sacrifice is the language of self-surrender. Its focus is not the violent taking of life, but the giving of life, the renewing of life at its physical, psychological and spiritual sources. Sacrifice has more to do with birth than death, more to do with a beginning than an ending."

I think we have all heard this phrase also...."give until it hurts, and then keep giving!"

Here's to new beginnings, may it enrich your life also!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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