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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Who is invited?

These words from Dorothy Day should challenge us as to whom is invited!

Dorothy Day, who was completely given to God and to God's poor, once said, "Even the lowest, most depraved, we must see Christ in them and love them to folly. When we suffer from dirt, lack of privacy, heat and cold, coarse food, let us rejoice" (quoted by James Forest in Love Is the Measure, Paulist Press, 1986). Day had learned, as Paul did (second reading), to make the best of every circumstance. Surely she could also say with Paul, "I can do all things in him who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).

Although I have made mention of this before, I think it bears repeating. Day died on Nov. 29, 1980 (the same year that another champion of social justice, Archbishop Oscar Romero, was martyred for his commitment to God and God's people). Day's funeral Mass was attended by priests and nuns, but also by bag ladies, addicts, beggars, the homeless and all those other poor ones in whom she saw the face of God.

Anyone looking on at those gathered for the feast in today's Gospel, and on those who came together for Day's funeral, might characterize these groups as a motley crew. And so they were; and so we are, a community of diverse members called together by God and graced with the gifts and ability to care for one another. Until the final call to the joys and abundance of eternity, we remain responsible for all God's least ones, who have been entrusted to our keeping.

From today's National Catholic Reporter.


Deacon Mitch

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