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Monday, February 16, 2015

Prayers requested

It's very cold in Brrrrrrlin. Yesterday was my day to preach at a couple of Masses. I started early at 7 am and then was scheduled for 6 pm. The first went well and I received some excellent feedback from Fr Kyle. With the time coming soon to go to Church I went upstairs to prepare, and noticed a problem. We had no water pressure. I thought because of the cold and winds our pipes were freezing. I cancelled out and tried a few things in vain, later finding out that we have a major water line break. Terry and I prayed the rosary, for a quick return, but mostly for those who had to endure the repair work under terrible conditions. As I write this the faucet is dripping, music to our ears. Please continue to pray, and give thanks for all we have.


Deacon Mitch 

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