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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Living in a gray world!

The reference to this blog is not coincidental, for there is one thing that I have learned, that there are no coincidences in life. It would be very easy to say that this began last Saturday, but that would be a mistake. For the past few weeks I've been receiving a lot of comments about wearing gray clerics. Even my wife has had to fend these questions, these concerns. Why is he wearing that today? Who is that guy in gray? Who does he think he is? What is he? Ironically, these are mostly happening when I am out in the public, away from the church. When I am in the church, or in the setting that lends itself to the ministry, there seems to be no confusion. Even last Sunday evening when I greeted the congregation after they were leaving the 6 PM mass, I received hugs, and people sharing how good it looks. Some even asked when did this start.

Quite a few months ago, our bishop instructed all the deacons to wear gray clerics whenever they were ministering, or representing the church in some fashion. 

 That being said, I understand the looks, the confusion, and the questions. Having a deacon in this community is not new, having one wearing clerics is.

There are many times after mass, or even before mass, people say "hi father"! I've gotten to the point that I'm not correcting them anymore. I am a father, just not the one they are thinking of.

I am beginning to understand, and realize also that part of this change, this new look for some, created this confusion. But the most important thing, is to understand that through the grace of God my actions my words will be God's word and God's actions. They will see Christ, and they will realize that this sacred order instituted by Jesus will be a sign of his presence in their lives.

In the meantime, my brothers and I assisted by our wives, will continue to learn how to live in a gray world.

Dona Nobis Pacem

Deacon Mitch

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