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Monday, November 23, 2015

A pie in the face & Bring back the Dicky

Yesterday morning we had our annual Parish November to remember event. We had a pancake with scrambled eggs and sausage breakfast. It was a big hit. One of the things I realize that it wasn't just about  raising money for the parish. Too often times in life we get caught up about  judging the success  by dollars and cents. This one wasn't one of those. This one had a completely different feel to it, right from the start. Most of the times in years past, it was always the same people who are in charge of the events, father Kyle did a left turn on this one. He began by soliciting One by one our youngest families to be in charge. They were definitely up to the task. There was so many games for young families to play, to enjoy themselves, just to be with each other. And the verdict on this one, is Mission accomplished. This event was a testament of where our future lies and I'm happy to say it is very bright. A very disturbing comment we often times hear in Berlin is that all that's going on are funerals. To those people I say, your comments are very hurtful, but worst of all way off base. After several years of hardly anyone participating in the RCIA program, last year we had seven, this year we have 15 so far. Baptisms are going through the roof, we have had over 20 baptisms within the last month and a half. I could honestly go on and on to tell you of the many good things that are happening here in Berlin and Gorham.

Now I'm sure you want to know what the pie in the face was. We allowed the parishioners to perform an auction to raise money by pieing the pastor, the associate pastor, and yes also the Deacon in the face with a cream pie. My wife was given the honor & courtesy by my mother to hit me and she did a good job.

And now for the Dicky, or the mock turtleneck. You must remember those items growing up I know I do. Father Andrew brought that up and we even checked  Amazon.com and they are still for sale. I am seriously thinking of getting one just for fun, nothing else. 

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