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Thursday, April 7, 2016

In a familiar place again

I have talked numerous times for balance in life. One of the many ways I look for balance is on Tuesday evenings during the fall, winter, and spring.  I have been in a league for several years now and for the past four years the team I sponsored has had a great run. Two years ago we were knocking on the doorstep of the championship and we .......choked! We had fun but we definitely choked under the pressure. Second place was nice, but not where we should have been.

This year we were in a familiar place. Two weeks to go and we only have to win two games, only two games to win the championship. Last week we were crushed definitely outclassed, and left wondering whether we would fall under the weight of pressure again.

Tuesday night arrived, and there was definitely a sense of urgency. One of our bowlers couldn't make it and we made a decision to put me in. I was working until 7 when bowling begins. I was a little late but just in time to be the lead off player. Strike!!! That was a good start.

The game was back and forth and going into the tenth we were down like last week. We had set ourselves up in the ninth nicely for a possible big finish. It happened. I hit a spare and then a strike, and the rest of the team stepped up. We won the first by a measly 26 pins. One down one more to go.

The second game would almost be a carbon copy of the first. Going into the tenth frame we set ourselves up nicely for the tenth even though we were down in pin count. Again I started off with 2 strikes and a 7 count. The team was on a roll and we ending up winning by 22 pins.

Experience, patience, focus, was the key. Our top bowler mentioned his tempo. He shared that he worked on it all night. It kept him balanced and he really produced for us bowling a strong 230 in the first game and a 581 series.

Tempo, hmmmmmmmmmm! I thought about it, and still do. An even tempo, not rushing into anything, not trying to do too much, just a nice tempo. Sounds like a possible homily coming up and a guide to life.

Find your balance and enjoy life!

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