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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

There is nothing ordinary in the ordinary times, and there is nothing off in the off-season

Just last week we wrapped up the final session with our our RCIA class. We met for one final time,  to answer questions, and just to gather as friends in Christ.

Father Andrew put together one final piece that I thought was an excellent way to end the night. We held a private mass for the group and it was very special.

We also had a private social afterwards, to relax. And enjoy each other's company. There is so much joy that they are working to gather as a group for Bible study, which begins next week.

The RCIA team has already gathered together to plan for the future. How do we make things better? Who will be on the team next year?

As we are nearing the end of Easter season, we will be entering ordinary times. One thing that I have learned, there is nothing ordinary about ordinary times. We are still filled with the spirit and the spirit moves us to seek out those who yearn for the truth. 

So in essence at this time it is the off-season so to speak for our RCIA team. I believe each one of us are looking for a way to make things better, and also seek out those who have a longing to be closer to Christ through the Sacraments. 

There is a new movie out called Convinced.It is about people who have come to the Catholic Church, they have finally come home, and they call themselves born-again Catholics. I ordered the copy recently and I am expecting it tomorrow.

The producer believes that it would be an ideal film to introduce those who are contemplating to be Catholics, and maybe just maybe realize that they are not the only ones that feel this way.

After I view it I will share my thoughts with you.

As you can see there are no off in the offseasons. And there is definitely no ordinary in ordinary times.

God bless

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