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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blessed are..................

We are now well into our final course for this year, and like last year there is something I love about studying moral theology. I have been impressed on how much has lifted me up and in ways that surprise me. This book we have to read is deep, as in cavernous. It is only a totally different plain than I'll ever be on, yet today it happened.

I have to share a quote with you from the book,

"the human person, endowed with special perogatives of reason and will,
acts so as to reach beatitude!"
I literally had to put the book down and reflect upon what I had just read. To reach beatitude, what a thought! It is hours later and I'm still reflecting on what that means to me and to all of us.
 I was attending a funeral this morning and brought my Bible in to reflect on the Sermon on the Mount before the funeral. I took a long pause in between each and every one of the beatitudes to reflect upon how I could reach beatitude.
For the rest of this day I will continue to reflect on how I can reach beatitude through the grace of God!
Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,

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