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Sunday, January 5, 2014


I am very well aware that my frequency of posting things has fallen off. I still enjoy the ability to share what is going on in my life, but life is getting busier and moving along at a very quick pace.

Given that, there is something in life that remains constant, and that is things change. This weekend we received the news that our Pastor Fr. Marc will be leaving shortly. He has only been here for sixteen months and he is being asked to take on another challenging assignment. I will definitely miss him, as he has taught me so much, and has been a very good mentor. 

With that loss, there is still reason for joy. Fr. Kyle has been appointed as our new pastor and Fr. Andrew will be our new vicar. The North Country as a whole will be home to three of the youngest priests in the Diocese. My spiritual director, Fr. Matt in Lancaster, is also a very young priest. I really believe that Bishop Peter truly cares for the Northern part of this state. Thank you!

I continue to love serving at the Altar as an Acolyte, and also greeting the parishioners before and after Mass. There is a tremendous need for many to reach out as they are struggling with difficulties. I love my parish family and feel so blessed to share this journey with them. 

For the past few days I have been working on my parish project. I'm sure I've shared with all of you that I was instructed to spend more time putting together a package that can be presented within an hour and half. I was reminded by one of my director's not to reinvent the wheel, so I found something I really liked and adapted the information to a power point display. I'm really proud of the finished product and very excited to present this to my new pastor. I want this to be a special event, so I'm looking for Fr. to approve a Holy Water font for the lower hall, and I will need two candles to make this a very solemn event also. 

On top of that I found some great information that I want to add to the parish website to help families prepare for this blessed event. I'm also looking for some information that can be presented at the offices for those who aren't on line. I will be asking Fr. to add 3 to 4 times a year a parish event of the new rite "Blessing of the Child within the womb." My wife thought that it would also be great to ask the parishioners to bring gifts for the mothers: diapers, formula, gift cards, etc. We would then be truly supporting those who choose life. Having recently been blessed with being a Pepere, I realize the costs of raising a child. I do my best to help out my daughter, and I think it would be great for those who could help: "adopt" a child  or grand child so to speak. 

C'est tous, that's it for now!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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