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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Today is the day....a new beginning

Yesterday I was supposed to be at morning Mass to pray one last time and also receive a blessing and a send off from the parish. A commitment at work kept me from being there. At around quarter of nine I noticed a parishioner in front of my store and then another and others. I began to believe that Fr Andrew was up to something. With a band of about 20 faithful they all came to my work to publicly offer their prayers and blessing. This moment really touched my heart. It truly was a great send off. Last night we all gathered at the Cathedral for our final rehearsal. The best way to describe it is a calm joy  was within us. We also received our assignments. As for me I will be staying home and adding another parish to tend to with our wonderful parish team of Fr Kyle and Fr Andrew. I spoke to Fr Andrew last night and he shared some of his wisdom on how to prepare for the big moment. I then texted greetings to my new boss and he welcomed me to his team.

Today is a new beginning!



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