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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

There is joy in his heart

Today is a busy day, even though it's officially a day off. I spent a few moments early with my beautiful wife, attended morning Mass, then stopped by to see a friend, the man I referred to as coming home. This morning he was beaming, there is joy in his heart! He shared how much Fr Kyle and I touched his heart by welcoming him home. He also shared that it had been 20 years since he was in community with all of us. 20 years ago he was there to say goodbye to his Dad, and it was only fitting that 20 years later, he would come home on the Feast of All Souls! Praise God! Today I was gently reminded that we are all called to be Missionaries. We can all do this in our neighborhoods! 

I had a meeting with Boss#3! Fr Kyle! God #1, Terry #2, ...!  We discussed my ministry, schedule, RCIA, Ultreyas, small group reunions, Baptisms. Yes we are a busy parish! God is good..all the time! As our meeting was coming to a close I received a picture text showing how that evil Maple tree by the office shed its leaves all over my windshield. My car was the only victim. I called Fr Andrew and asked him to bless that tree. I believe there is a homily in the making here! Stay tuned! 

Please pray for the ladies Cursillo that will be starting this Thursday evening. We have 24 ladies so far! 

Enjoy the day! Who knows what else will happen. 


Deacon Mitch

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