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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The meaning of a flag


The Fleurdelisé takes its white cross from the ancient royal flags of France.
Its white fleurs-de-lis (symbols of purity) and blue field (symbolizing Heaven) come from a banner honouring the Virgin Mary, reputedly carried by French-Canadian militia at General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm's victory at Carillon.
Contrary to a popular belief, the white fleurs-de-lis are not exactly taken from the banner of the kings of France (which used golden ones), though relation between both cannot be denied.
The flag is blazoned Azure, a cross between four fleurs-de-lis argent. Its horizontal symmetry allows both sides of the flag to show the same image.

Why made you ask that I am referring to the "flag of Quebec"? Well for one it is symbol of my heritage is a descendent of the French-Canadians. Out of curiosity I discovered a little bit about myself too! This summer I had the honor to be the main celebrant wonderful parishioner, and also receive the honor at another funeral to preach in French. At both events I shared that the flight was much more than a piece of tissue, fabric, that it was interwoven into our lives.
Je me Souviens - I remember 

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