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Monday, March 28, 2016

And more....

The other day I posted on our parish's sweet sixteen! It definitely resounded in my heart that evening. Honestly, at times I had to focus on the flame coming from the Paschal Candle in order to maintain my composure. The Litany of the Saints got me going and just seeing all those people, all their smiles, all that effort they put into their studies, for that moment to be recognized as Catholics.

Yesterday, the joy continued. The 10 am Mass was filled with so much emotion. I had an opportunity to share a moment with a parishioner who lost her husband at Easter before Mass. I was drawn to be just a minister of presence. To allow the Holy Spirit to touch her and fill her with Peace.

Then the moments of joy continued. At Mass we began with three families bringing their children forward to be Baptized. The smiles, the eyes of the children, it was absolutely precious. One child was soundly sleeping until being baptized, good morning little one!!

The joy continues, as we had two children making their First Communion. Again, this just can't get any better??? Or can it?

The attendance at this Mass was incredible. We had about 800 to 900 people in attendance. Capacity is about 1,200 in St. Anne's Church. It was so beautiful to see so many people come. We had parishioners who attended the Vigil and still cam the next day!

What's next for our parishes?????

Obviously through the Holy Spirit.....More!!

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