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Monday, June 20, 2016

Time and Promises

Yesterday, was a grand day! Celebrating Father's day in many special ways, by serving at the Altar with Fr. Andrew, by standing by my Dad's side at the end of the Mass greeting everyone; it was a wonderful time. 

Back in the Sacristy  I shared a few moments with Fr. Andrew along with his Mom and Dad. I guess we are all looking over the time Fr. Andrew has spent with us and how quickly it is coming to an end. I would have to say I'm savoring every moment that I get to serve with him, realizing that I may only serve once or twice a year with him from now on into the foreseeable future. Each moment is truly bittersweet. 

His parents are such wonderful people, and I have grown close to them; just like family. His Mom asked about this blog and I shared that work, ministry, family, has been so busy that I have been struggling to find the time. Yes, that old ancient excuse. 

Actually, I've been praying for some time on finding answer to this blog question. I've realized for quite some time that there has been a dry period in this ministry. Yes, it is a ministry, a journey that I've been on for quite a few years now. Looking back I marveled at how the Holy Spirit has moved me to share so many different things going on, and ironically it has always been a little nudge, a grace filled moment that gets me back on track.

Yesterday, I believe that the Holy Spirit in His own time provided me another grace filled moment to move forward. I realize time is important, precious, but also can be used as an excuse for walking away. We have all been charged to manage our gifts, and time is definitely a gift! I know that I'm busy, but I have allowed outside influences to manage my time, or at least being an excuse for the lack of it. Through the grace of God I resolve to move forward, maybe not at the break neck speed I've shared thoughts in the past, but with timely thoughts and words that the spirit is looking to share with me and then with all of you. 

Now for the second word....Promise! I've learned to better manage that word in my life. I believe that most of us have thrown out that word far too frequently, and haphazardly in our lives. My ministry has made me realize how important promises are, like the ones made by adults at Baptism as Godparents and parents baptizing their child. As I meet with people I share with them what they are saying,what they are promising. Once I had someone back out because they realized fully what they are promising to God and in good conscience, couldn't fulfill that.

So what was the impetus to dealing with promises? Again, the conversation with the Nelson's. Mrs. Nelson mentioned she had some issues at her house, and I as a paint expert  I said that I could take a look at it. She said...promise? I hesitated, realizing that I committed myself, and then calmly said....yes! I will make sure that I manage my time to fulfill that promise. Maybe not so much as to looking at a paint problem, but rather as an opportunity to be with people I care for and just enjoying being with them.

So my brothers and sisters, here we are working together to manage time, and keeping promises.

May the Holy Spirit continue to move us all and may the Grace of God nudge us all along to be His Messengers of hope, peace, and love.

Deacon  Mitch

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