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Monday, November 21, 2016

Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope,

It is something I absolutely love to do! I know I've said it at least 100 times, the gift to be able to baptize children is so precious, such a joy in my life! Each and every time I baptize there is a sense of joy, a sense of comfort, and it is all received in the sense of humility. I am truly humbled to be given this  great honor.

I had a very busy weekend and there are far too many highlights to share, but needless to say the baptism yesterday afternoon was absolutely right up there. 

I know you're looking at the posting on this blog and wondering what does this have to do with baptism. Well here it goes...immediately after the baptism a couple comes to share some good news for me. They thanked me, and shared that you must of been doing this for years. A compliment  Indeed, as I told them I've only been baptizing children for two years.

And then it came…… "We have a question to ask you?" Immediately bells and whistles resounding in my head, saying here it comes. The couple shared with me how they have a calling to come back to the Catholic Church, and they wanted to know if they could split their time between two churches, the Baptist and Catholic Church.

I told them I believe you've already answered the question. They gave me a puzzled look. I shared that you want to, and feel that you have a call to come back to the Catholic Church, and that they probably should realize that Jesus is calling them back home. I reminded them that Jesus formed  one church, not many churches, simply one. I shared with them that the Baptists are very good people, and they can find joy, peace, and the love of Christ there. But I also shared with them that the fullness of truth, the fullness of faith resides in the Catholic Church. I shared with them that they probably have heard that they have a personal relationship with God, with Jesus. I also told him that as a Catholic I have an intimate relationship with Jesus. Where upon receiving the blessed sacrament, we receive the body and the soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. There are no other churches that offer that, there is only one. I reminded them of the book of John quoted Jesus that unless you eat of the flesh of the Son of Man and drink of his blood, you do not have any life in you.

I then asked them to pray about this, and if the Holy Spirit moves them they should seek out a Priest to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and then the Joy of receiving once again the Blessed Sacrament.

They then walked away from me. All I can do is pray, that these words that Jesus gave me, would be enough to bring them back home! I leave this all in the hands of the Holy Spirit!


Deacon Mitch

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