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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Practice what you teach!

Practice what you teach! These are part of the words that a Deacon is called to do:

‘Believe what you read. Teach what you believe. Practice what you teach.’

Yesterday Mike and I traveled to our retreat house for another formation weekend. The topic was Homelitics. We continue to get knowledge and experience on this very important part of our future ministry, God willing of course! 

The day was everything I had expected. My family was there for me to offer hope with kind words, a bear hug, and all the support that God could give me through them. 

We had a breakout session to discuss the readings for the Advent season. It went very well. We were being pushed a little further in our thoughts and soon Ken looked at me and asked me to share my experience during this challenging time. I honestly saw the face and the voice of Christ coming to me, asking me to open up that wound and sharing how the hand of God raised us all up when we were so low. 

Soon we found the floodgates opening and our thoughts were directed in how we experience Christ in our lives through the challenging moments, and how we are called by Christ to stand up straight and tall and see how truly Good God is!

We finished our night prayer and I went to my room to put a few things away and was about to head upstairs to be with everyone. Mike told me that Terry had called and I knew that the news wasn't very good. My assistant had a pipe break in his apartment and was struggling to save what he had. The damage was almost everywhere. He had lossed hope and was discouraged by the work before him. He was also scheduled to be at work today at 10 am. Well I told Terry without hesitation that I coming home. My travel partner Mike also said he was coming with me, as he didn't want me to make the journey alone. He was very Christ like for me last night, and I thanked him! Kevin called me and I noticed he was very down. I told him not to worry that I would be there to cover the store. 

I was told, and I believe that my work does come before this ministry. I must fulfill these obligations that I also hold very seriously. Yes, I am saddened that I missed the rest of this weekend, yes I am saddened that I couldn't spend more time with everyone, and yes it bothers me that I couldn't wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a  Blessed Advent season, but when you are committed to something, you have to be all in or you aren't really committed at all. 

In today's readings we hear that the signs are there, and I need to stand up, look around,  look at my life and then,  

‘Believe what I read. Teach what I believe. Practice what I teach.’

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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