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Sunday, December 23, 2012

You are a lamp!

On Thursday Terry and I traveled to Portsmouth to be with Danielle, Doug, and our future grand child. It had been some time since we were together and this would turn out to be a very special day indeed. 

Danielle had a doctors appointment to check the health and also the sex of the baby. We offered to meet them at a restaurant, yet she asked us to meet them at their apartment and that we would be very excited with the news. Today's technology can give you so much information and we were blessed to hear that it will be a girl. Ironically for some reason Terry and I kept calling the baby a girl from the beginning. 

We stopped at one of Danielle's favorite restaurant to celebrate the glorious news. It was a wonderful time, just being together to soak this all in. 

Danielle wanted to visit an eclectic shop in downturn Portsmouth so we followed her there. We had taken the dogs with us so we took them for a short walk into the park. I could see the crosses from the top of the roofs of the Catholic school, and I mentioned them to Danielle. We talked about schooling for the child and she was so shaken up by the events at Newtown that she said she would probably home school the child instead of public or private school. 

I'm not against home schooling, but to do so only out of fear of the current situation isn't always the best idea. I then mentioned to her about scripture where we are a lamp, and a lamp isn't meant to be hidden under a bed. A lamp must be out there to shine for all to see. It is a scary world out there, and we are all getting a sense that something horrific can happen anywhere. Yet, we need to live, we need to shine, we all need to be with others. True happiness can't be found alone, we need others, we need to gather, we need Christ in our lives. 

That day Terry and I shed tears of joy over the blessing that is yet to come. This little child that will bring joy, love, and possibly hope for a better world. She is a gift from above, and we all look forward to witnessing the gifts that she has been given.

This Advent as I await the coming of Our Lord and realizing what Jesus has done in my life and others, I am relating well how everything is different when it all begins with a Child!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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