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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sorry I was away!

July 4th, the last day I posted anything. First I want to apologize for not keeping up with the blog, but summer is finally here, I think anyways!

On the 4th I attended the inter parish picnic, and as usual it was a great social event. This was a great opportunity to meet and greet with those parishioners I don't get to see on a regular basis. I had great conversations, played balloon toss, egg toss, tug of war (I was on the clergy side, and we loss!), and just being in the presence of so many wonderful people was awesome. 

That weekend I took my Mom north of the border to attend a family reunion. It was a great day of fun and conversations with relatives that I haven't seen much in two years. On the way back home we had to stop to pick up some curd cheese. It isn't a true trip until we buy up a bunch of cheese. 

This past Saturday Terry and I went to the beach with friends and relatives. It was an awesome day that was topped off with pier fries and then a lobster roll.

On Sunday Terry and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary. We had a great day just being with each other, and we topped it off having supper with relatives and our Son serving us. 

Then it has been the shadow game, observing the Deacon at a funeral, and then observing and participating at a wake service on Monday night with the pastor. 

I met with my pastor also on Monday to touch base, finalize the agreement, and plan for how best I can serve the parish. 

Yes, it has been busy, but it's also the way I like it!

Blogging will be light for the next few weeks, but I will posting at least once a week!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


This weekend will be a double treat! Terry and I get to see our grand daughter again and we will also visit with Fr. Andrew!

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