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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Moved by the Spirit!

I know that I have recently mentioned that last week I had many people that had reached out to me to say hi, to share some "good news", to make that person to person contact. Well, I believe that the Holy Spirit has guided me to do the same. I followed up with a buddy on how his recent assignment went, and I wasn't surprised that he did very well. I also ran into a friend who is the chaplain at the state prison in Berlin. I couldn't believe it he had lost over 170 pounds. He looks great! I asked him to get me signed up to train to be a volunteer in the NH state prisons for men. Last night I called one of my favorite high school teachers who is now a deacon in Maine. We talked for almost an hour and he shared so much with me about his ministry, his life, and his spirituality. I sent him an email tonight as we promised to keep in touch and pray for each other. I am now waiting to hear from my college professor, and I'm sure this will also be fruitful. Without a doubt I feel this is God's way of forming me into the person I need to be.

I promise to keep you all informed on how these relationships are developing, and I challenge you to allow the Spirit to move you also!

Bonsoir et Adieu mes Amis,


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