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Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Chance to Reflect!

A few weeks ago I met with Fr. Marc and asked if I could get an opportunity to offer a reflection some time in the future. Without hesitation he offered me my first shot at the Advent Penance Service. He checked with Fr. Kyle and wanted to know if there were any concerns and there wasn't. He thought I was game for asking, and offered "you might regret it!" In my heart I knew that wouldn't be true. I asked for the chance because I really feel that I need as many opportunities as possible. 

Within a few weeks he sent me the information on what the reading would be. I spent time reflecting, researching, and praying. Something came to me and after more prayer time I was on my way. 

I remember at times that Fr.Marc reminded me that you will eventually have your own style in what you do, and I truly believe he also meant that for preaching. 

I am man who loves a good story and similar to my writing style I like to get people wondering what I'm trying to get at with the story. That is the approach I selected and my time was coming this past Thursday evening.

I was a little nervous, yet there was a peaceful feeling coming over me. 

I never really timed myself, feeling that my critics would eventually tell me once the glow of the first time would be over. 

I received quite a few compliments, and my Mom was my first critic, mentioning that she felt that I spoke a little too fast. 

The next day my buddy called me with glowing reviews and then came the honest critique that I was looking forward." The eye contact was awesome, preparation was good; the story got me going and I was wondering what was the point, and I loved it; you should have paused a little more after the reading; you seemed a little nervous at times and you spoke a little too fast which made it seem like you were anxious to get it over with. I don't think most people noticed all those items except for those who know you best." "Honestly" though he said," I thought you did an awesome job for your first time. I was truly impressed."

So what are my thoughts? After all most people are their own toughest critics. I think my best friend actually nailed it. I felt really good most of the time and there were periods where I felt not as comfortable. So how would I grade it, probably a C+. I feel that's a good grade for the first time and there will be more opportunities. 

Bonsoir et Adieu mes Amis,


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