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Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving again, a coincidence, and beets!

This weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving for the third time in my family. Honestly, this is the truth. We have often heard "why can't we be in the Christmas Spirit everyday?". Well, why can't we gather more often and give thanks for all the blessings we have received. This weekend my daughter and her family came home for Thanksgiving. It had been almost two months since I last saw them all and it was great. So what was on the menu? Turkey? Not! My wife asked what they wanted and she heard it loud and clear. Salmon Pie! Terry makes an awesome Salmon Pie and she was asked to not make just one but two of them! One for the road! It was so special to have them here and to be with them. The next time we will see them again is after Christmas! Honestly, I can't wait.

Yesterday I was Lector at the 9 am Mass and it was very special. This was only the second time I served as Lector since June and at times you can feel a little nervous with so much time in between. I stayed around to help out after Mass as we no longer have a Sacristan for the Parish. Well the extra time gave me a chance to learn a little bit more about where everything is stored and the little things, like changing the candles.

On my way home I was anxious to see everyone again so I was rushing a bit and noticed a police car at the corner, and I did what everyone does, I slowed down just in case. Well, I'm just about home making the corner and behind me is the police car and the lights are flashing. I thought maybe he found me going a little fast. He asked if I knew why and I said no! Well my inspection was due in September and this is December, not good news. I told him I was sure it was done, but I had no paper work verifying that. He gave me 4 days to get it done and he would forget the ticket.

This morning I got some paperwork ready for Fr. Marc and then headed over to the garage to take care of the problem. I popped in, shared my story about the ticket. He looked in the computer and saw that it was supposed to be done, and it was paid for. Initially I asked him to give me a ride home, but he asked if I didn't mind waiting. I had a great conversation with a good friend. He is a local with a very charismatic personality. We ended up talking about my journey and his life and shared some great conversations. He shared with me that he is no longer a practicing Catholic, believes in God but had issues with the Catholic Church. I said that I prayed that he and God would find each other. It was very open, very warm, and very real. Coincidence, there are none. I'm still shocked how God placed me in an opportunity to minister. Well, the car was ready and passed with flying colors and I was on my way. I also got to hear some great words of wisdom that someday I may use!

Now about those beets! At Mass yesterday morning Fr. Kyle shared that in the previous week he had spoken about his road trips to college and what kept him going was a bag of M&M's peanuts and Dunkin Donuts Coffee! He then shared that this week in his mailbox he received, you guessed it M&M's and DD gift cards. Yesterday he preached about stumps and beets and warned everyone not to send him any this week. At Mass yesterday an usher shared...." I heard you are doing a reflection on Thursday!" Nervously I said yes, and wondered, how did he know? This morning I turned in some paperwork for Fr. Marc to fill out and heard..."I heard you are doing a reflection on Thursday!" Now I'm curious, "who told you?" "Oh, Fr. Kyle shared the information at the 4 pm Mass on Saturday!" Well, I guess the pressure is on! He never once mentioned it at the 9 am Mass. 

Today I'm off and will continue to work on my reflection! I already have something going and I'm praying for more insight. I will do my best as I look forward to this great opportunity. 

By the way, Fr. Kyle will receive a can of beets on Thursday night!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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