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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Reflections of Christmas Week!

I hope and pray that all of you had a very Blessed Christmas day, and my wish is that our hearts maybe open to receive the Lord each and every day. This past week you probably have noticed little to no activity on this blog. The bugs have come back and prevented me from posting anything. Today, Terry cleaned up the computer and so far everything seems to be in a somewhat normal state. 

There were many highlights to the week and still more to come. I called a few friends from out of town to try to touch base with them and wish them the very best. I begin with Fr. John in RI, and as usual we had a great time sharing our joys. He was my best friend in the Seminary and I am so blessed to have recaptured that friendship once more. Our conversation was brief, but very joyful. 

I then called my former high school french teacher who is a Deacon in Maine. Given the day I called (Monday evening), our conversation again was brief but very heartfelt. For some time now I was thinking how much I would be experiencing many firsts. He guided me in realizing that this year, and in the coming months would actually be the lasts of many experiences. This was my last Christmas as a lay person, and the Easter Season would also bring this experience to me once more. The realization of that actually fired me up to serving more at the Altar and really enjoying those final moments.

Early Tuesday morning I went to do some final errands for Terry and decided to pop into the Church and check out the decorations. Last year was awesome, this year they were stunning. Fr. Marc outdid himself once more. I was so moved by what I saw, and then he said..."look behind you!" There was streams of greenery and lights descending from the ceiling forming the look of a canopy. Unfortunately, my words will not do justice to the beauty of the Church. Fr. asked so which Masses will you be serving at? I told him I was Lector at Midnight and would be back at the 9 am Mass. Soon thereafter I sent him a text asking if I could serve at the 4pm Mass, and he said..."come and join the fun!"

On Christmas Eve I joined the sisters to bring the Peace of the Lord to a child who's father is in prison. This was the second year that I participated in this and it again really touched my heart. I firmly intend this to be my continued ministry in the parish or wherever I will be in the future. 

I really enjoyed the times spent serving for the final times and really taking in each and every blessed moment. All I could think of was something I read....."you should serve as if it were your first, your last, or your only opportunity to serve!" Most of all this message needs to be a model of how I live my life as a disciple. 

Christmas Eve Terry, my Son and I spent time with Mom and Dad. I know these precious moments won't last forever and I cherish each and everyone of them.

Christmas morning,Terry and my Mom and Dad would be there. Mom wanted me to get a new alb and it came in on Monday and this was her first opportunity to see it. Terry was the first to see me in it and she really liked it! Mom and Dad both loved the selection. This gift will always remain in my heart and serve as a reminder of my Mom, who shared her faith and nurtured it with the grace of God inside of me.

Last night we gathered with family sharing good food, good conversations, and the joy of all being together.

This weekend the joy of Christmas continues as my daughter, her fiance and my granddaughter will be home. We will be further blessed to share our little baby with our faith family on Sunday Morning. This will be the first time that we take her to our beautiful church and share our joy with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Memere and Pepere are very excited. 

As I continue my vacation, I want to extend my blessings to all of you. Your thoughts, your prayers, your support is truly carrying us all to the blessed moment. Time seems to be flying by for me now, and in some ways I wish it would slow down a bit. 

Joyeux Noel a tous!



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