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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trying to survive the drought!

It's been over three years since I was first given the blessing to share my thoughts, my feelings, and what has transpired in my journey to one day be a Permanent Deacon. The days and now the weeks seem to be flying by and yet I've struggled to share even some basic thoughts. I don't want to just repeat myself so I think it's actually been best that this has been a challenge. With each passing week I'm more convinced of this calling. I know in my heart that this is what God has been calling me to be since I was a child. Yes, since I was a child. All that has happened in my life has been another step in my formation. 

So is there anything really new? Actually no! If you call becoming more confident in serving, than the answer is yes. Otherwise, not really! 

This weekend I served for the first time in our twinned parish in Gorham and really loved the experience there. It was very different as I shared that with Fr. Kyle. Holy Family is a very lovely, cozy, country Church. We are literally sitting right on top of them, and so are the faithful. The only thing different from the buildings is the size, but the heart of all the parishioners is huge. I have been so well treated and respected it is actually very humbling. A very dear friend shared her love and best wishes for me, and also reminded me how she is not surprised about this vocation. I've always known this was for you, and you get the total package. I like that! 

I've been a leader all my life and this is not what the vocation is all about. Yes, I know there are times where I will be asked to lead, but this is all about serving. 

In a couple of days Terry and I will be doing our final interview and I'm not nervous at all. I ask that you all continue to pray for all 22 of us and also for the new class that has recently started. 

Tonight I get to do something that I absolutely love, BOWLING! Because of scheduling issues I've missed several weeks, but tonight I'm back for my third straight week. 

So that's it, nothing earth shattering, just another ordinary day!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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