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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day by Day!

For now the traveling is over, and yet it's still very busy in my life. Yesterday, I took the day off and spent time going to morning Mass, time with Mom and Dad,time filling out the questionnaire for a Parable article, and a little bit of work around the house. I'm also checking out the mailbox waiting for the responses to come in for our family and friends Mass on June 1st. 

Terry and I are also planning a birthday party for my Dad next Saturday morning. Dad is turning 90 this year and I will be cooking brunch for everyone with the assistance of my lovely wife. 

One more detail was taken care of for Ordination day. Who will take care of the dogs? One of my good friends daughter does house sitting so we have her booked for the 22nd to do a get together and letting them out once on the 23rd and three times on the 24th. Her rates are great and the dogs get to stay home.

Normally I've been having weekends off, but we have a Super Sale going on right now and it wouldn't be right to leave the new employee working alone in the store. This will also give me an opportunity to coach him a bit during the day and share some of the wisdom that I've learned over the years. 

Today officially begins Holy Week. I'll be serving tonight at Holy Family Church and also tomorrow morning as Acolyte and Lector. 

I will have a full slate of things to do next week. I'm taking Thursday and Friday off! I'll be serving as Acolyte Thursday, leading the Stations on Friday afternoon, offering a reflection on Good Friday, and serving at the Easter Vigil. 

I pray that you all have a very Blessed Holy Week!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,



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