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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Who are you looking for?

Yesterday was a very busy day. I lead the Stations of the Cross at 3pm and it was extremely well attended. We had about 150 people who were there to pray. It was very moving for me.

Practice for Good Friday was at 5 pm and there was a very special feel to this one. The attention level was very high and it certainly showed during the Good Friday Service. As Fr. Andrew said..."We have the A team and everyone brought their A game." All for the glory of the Lord. 

This evening would be very special for me as this was the second time I was given the opportunity to share a reflection and my comfort level was higher. At our last formation weekend we discussed the Passion of Jesus from the Gospel of John. I initially had a direction I was going with this and it slowly evolved through prayer, attending Mass, and reading over and over again the Scripture passage. The title of this posting was what I focused on and it really spoke to my heart. I first shared this with Terry and it less than 2 minutes she told me " I like it better." She added, " I know where you are going with this and that's where you need to go!" With that vote of confidence I delivered my reflection and really loved the experience to share, to grow, and to learn. 

Today is going to be very busy also. My Dad turned 90 yesterday and we are gathering for  brunch with me being the head chef. I have crepes ready, I'll be cooking omelets and there will be other goodies. The best part is that we will gather together with family. 

I'll also be blessed to have my daughter, her fiancee, and my granddaughter their. 

Practice is at 5 tonight, their is definitely a feeling of excitement in the air. Emotions are high and so is the anticipation of being with the risen Lord.

 Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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