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Monday, February 29, 2016

The power of a smile,

In the last two weeks I've been reminded what a difference a smile, what a difference it is to be joyful people. As I was preparing a young couple with a child for baptism on Easter Sunday an
elderly parishioner caught my attention. I excused myself and went to talk to her for just a moment. She shared with me her thoughts  how much you she loved that I was serving at the Altar. She commented mostly all my smile. She told me you're always smiling and I love seeing that. She shared that at times when she comes to mass she may not be in the best of moods but seeing my smille can turn her around.  I shared with her how much I love being a deacon,  butmost of all how we are called to be joyful people.  She suggested that I should keep on smiling, I promised her I would.

Yesterday morning, father Kyle mentioned about the holy father Pope Francis' smile.  He shared with us the secret behind that wonderful smile. For he is a man who loves the sacrament of reconciliation. He shared that the holy father receives Great joy and grace from going to reconciliation. Isn't  it amazing what a small can do.
During this Lenten season, I have two challenges for you.  Smile, be joyful, after all you are a child of Christ! Secondly, take advantage of the sacrament of reconciliation, and maybe you two will have a smile the changes the world at least around you.

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