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Monday, June 24, 2013

No slowing down yet!

As the title states there isn't any slowing down in my life at all. It isn't out of control or stressful by any means, just different. Last Wednesday I met with my pastor to discuss what project he would like me to tackle. Together we met for about an hour and he asked if I would work with the Deacon to set up a Baptism program for the parish. With the birth of my grand daughter this one seems very timely, very providential to say the least. It really touches a nerve inside of me and this week the two of us will begin the project that we will be collaborating on. 

Late Friday afternoon Mike and I traveled to Franklin to stay at our "second home". We both find it so amazing how comfortable we are there. We are always welcomed like family, and honestly we are. 

The three of us got up early, said prayers together and then traveled off to Manchester for our preaching workshop. We were all divided into 5 smaller groups and were given the opportunity to preach. I got volunteered to go first. The verdict was pretty much what I thought for only having done two previously. I had very good eye contact, but I need to focus my preaching on one topic, and not the three that I did. I was asked to take a mulligan and give it one more shot in front of all our peers, with the modifications they respectfully presented to me. 

There were 5 of us selected to make a presentation, and I am so thankful for the second opportunity. I asked my coordinator to critique me once more and he offered an insight I wasn't aware I had done. Was it better, definitely.Even though it was better, I thought I could have improved on it even more. Oh well, that's why we need to practice. My buddy Mike did an awesome job and I am so proud of him. Go figure, two boys from Berlin working and growing together. 

It was a great weekend to learn, to practice, and best of all being with each other!

Bonsoir et Adieu mes Amis,


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