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Sunday, June 16, 2013

What a week it was!

It all began last weekend on Friday as our community prepared to gather for our final retreat for the year. The weather wasn't great but I was very excited to finally be face to face with all of my brothers and sisters. No more video conferencing, at least for while, and we were there in the flesh and in living color. Unfortunately one of our brother and sister couldn't be with us physically, but their spirit was with us. Our retreat focus was on the Eucharist and it was very appropriate for what was to be conferred upon us.

After our evening session a few of us questioned each other about the  Bruins game that was going on. Well four of us gathered together to watch, share, and be with each other. It was a great evening.

Day two was filled with more insights on the Eucharist and you could feel something was going on with all of us. One of us commented " we have loved our courses and training and we all seem to be anxious to get out there and do something!" He really summed up quite well our feeling, our energy to move forward. We also prepared for the ceremony for the following day, the Rite of Acolyte.

Another day was slowly coming to an end and Tom asked me, "if we decided to go to tonight's game....?" I didn't even give him a chance to finish, when I said "I'm in!" We were now 5 of us having a great time being with each other. Tom mentioned that this is the new Catholic Church. Even though we are all being called into service, we still love to have fun! Jesus gathered with his buddies, and I'm positive in my mind and heart that he just loved sharing good times alone with them. When we returned we were asked by some where did we go, and I responded "Evangelizing!"

Day three, the big day! We had a short session in the morning and went over the final details. We had lunch together and then it was off to Manchester. Once more there was a feeling of jubilation in the air. The third year is over and we will be given more responsibility, more hands on work for the next nine months. The rite was absolutely awesome and I couldn't contain the joy that was in my heart. At the end it was so special that I really didn't want to see it end.

The next day was another special moment as we celebrated my wife's 50th birthday. It was a small gathering and we were treated to our favorite guest, our granddaughter. Even though it was Terry's day, she seemed to really enjoy sharing the lime light with Myanna.

Tuesday was another very special day as my Mom turned 87! Yeah! Unfortunately I had to work all day and I only had a few moments with her.

Next, as though that wasn't enough for one week, I made an appointment to meet with my pastor and our Deacon for next Wednesday evening. My first focus will be Baptism! Hum, a very appropriate beginning indeed. After the appointment was confirmed I did a little fist pumping! I'm very anxious to get started.

Well for the next few days I've just enjoyed being with people, working in the garden, and having a fire in the back yard.

Today being father's day, congratulations all you dad's out there, we all went to Mass at 9 am. Our shiny new, fresh out of the box Deacon, was there! He spoke well and he looks very happy, and by the reception he received I think everyone is very happy to have him here too! At the end of Mass before the final blessing Fr. Kyle asked everyone to sit down and then he spoke about Mike and myself studying for three years and being received as Acolytes. He asked that both couples stand! He reminded all how much it was a sacrifice for our wives to be giving us to Christ's Church! It was a very humbling experience.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with Mom and Dad, doing what my spiritual director has reinforced in me. It's about presence, it's all about being with people, and it's all really good!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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