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Monday, October 7, 2013

Experiencing all the senses!

This past weekend was one to remember. It all began on Friday evening at the Church Festival walking around, talking to so many people, and then seeing our good friends from Franklin walking through the door. Originally we had a full weekend planned, but because of commitments to the parish our friends had to leave Saturday evening instead of being here the full weekend. 

Regardless we left the festival at about 8:30 and relaxed and shared many stories at Mike's and Elise's house. With an early morning departure planned, I promised myself that I wouldn't keep them up too late even though I was really enjoying the moments. 

On Saturday we all headed to the Fryeburg Fair. Terry and I were never big on going to fairs, but this one is very special. We had a great day being with each other and sampling many great delicacies and indulgences. It was amazing that our noses when on high alert and being bombarded with so much. I commented that you could have found your way without your eyes opened to what was drawing you. I then commented to Tom that it could have been used in a homily, oops "reflection". Do we really use all the gifts that God gave us?

That evening we capped it off with a great meal of "Beef Stew"! It was a perfect time together. We shared our friendship, our love, and our enjoyment of being together. 

Yesterday was my first day to serve as Acolyte at Mass. It was a great experience right from the start. I was very proud and humbled to be given the honor to serve at the table. Just before the end of Mass Fr. Marc congratulated the director and the choir for their fine work, and then announced to the community that no they didn't miss an ordination and that Mike and I were getting closer but not quite there. I served many years as an altar boy and then served a few more with my son. I was comfortable, and a little nervous yesterday. It truly was a very special experience. 

The rest of the day was pretty quiet, dinner with my folks, a little work around the house, and a quiet evening doing face time with our granddaughter. 

It was truly a weekend where I experienced all the senses!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,



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