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Thursday, October 17, 2013

With Great Honor to serve!

This week I continued to get opportunities to grow, to learn, to serve, and to evangelize. With the passing away of Terry's uncle the family asked that I help them to prepare for the funeral. Terry and I worked as a team, going to their home, listening, sharing memories, and preparing for the words of remembrance of Uncle Chet. I asked Fr. Kyle if I could assist as Acolyte and he agreed that it would be a great opportunity to learn and to honor the family. 

I didn't stress as much with preparing what to say as I have recently. I wonder if it was that because I was in front of my peers and I may have tried too hard? I honestly think that this is what happened. On Tuesday evening I confided with Fr. Kyle that I was struggling to come up with something, and he shared this "keep it simple!" Hmmmm! Was I over thinking this again? Probably! No, definitely! I was inspired by things I saw, words I heard, the sharing of words from my wife, inspiration from the Holy Spirit, and words and thoughts that came to me when speaking with my daughter. 

This morning I thought that I should type it up in large enough print that I could follow my thoughts. A gush of inspiration filled me and it was as if the words were being spoken to me. It's tough to put something down about how you feel about someone and what you admired most about them.

I felt a little nervous today, yet there was a peace that was deep inside me. I continue to try to improve on what I do at the altar, and all for the glory of God. 

The moment came and there was a deep, very deep inner peace that came over me. I almost didn't need the papers in front of me, yet I'm not quite there yet. I was proud and honored to be able to do this for God and one of his creations. As Fr. Kyle put it, "Chet was unique, and there will never be another one quite like him!" 

Uncle Chet loved the classics in music, not classical, but the oldies. I felt that there was two songs from his era that summed up him and his life. The first one was Blue Skies! What I admired the most about him was how much he valued life and never complained, even though he was battling throat cancer. He wasn't one of those people you meet and  ask how they are doing, only to regret that you even asked them the question. Uncle Chet was great, there was nothing but Blue Skies in his life!

Lastly, I ended with a song that speaks well to many people. The Nat King Cole classic,
Unforgettable! When you love someone, and truly love them, they will always be Unforgettable to you!

Rest in Peace Uncle Chet!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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