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Saturday, October 26, 2013

It is the holiest of all signs!

Week one of the Eucharist course is done and we continue to move forward. It was a challenge keeping up with everything, but this week I really surprised myself. I have found a passion for reading! Besides what I needed to read for my course, I read the book "Rebuilt". From the comments from our other Deacon Candidates it almost seems like everyone has read this. If you haven't it is worth the time.It ended up being one of those books I had trouble putting it down. 

I also finished the Pope's first encyclical and I really loved his words about the Sacraments. No, I'm not going to write them down for you because I feel that you should all take the time to read it. The only regret I have is that it didn't come out until after I finished my Baptismal Catechesis project. I know I will have to include some of it eventually. You gotta love our Pope!

As of yesterday Week 2 started for our course and there is some reading to do. I started reading the required book "The Eucharistic Celebration, The Source and Summit of Faith", by Adolf Adam. I was really moved by something I need to share with you and I will let the authors words inspire you:

"Because actions that are frequently repeated are in danger of losing beauty in their
outward form as well as losing the power and depth that come from inner participation, the following statement by Romano Guardini deserves careful consideration:

"When we cross ourselves, let it be a real sign of the cross. 
Instead of a cramped gesture that gives no notion of its meaning,
let us make a large, unhurried sign,
from forehead to breast,
from shoulder to shoulder,
consciously feeling how it includes the whole of us at once,
how it consecrates and sanctifies us.
It does so because it is the sign of the universe and the sign of our redemption....
It is the holiest of all signs."

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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