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Saturday, February 1, 2014

An Adventure

Life is an adventure, or so my high school English teacher told me just a few years ago. Yeah, I know try over 30! Last week I was preparing to leave for my annual National Sales Meeting in Nashville. I was packed ready to go, and spent a few minutes going over some last minute details with my Assistant and then the call came, your flight has been cancelled. At first I thought it was a joke, and even though I spoke to my rep who had the same itinerary as I did, I still thought that maybe he was kidding. I went home and found out that he wasn't and after waiting on hold for over a half hour my flight was rescheduled for the following day at 5 pm. 

The great part about these inconveniences was that I was able to attend a couple of weekday Masses. The icing on the cake was being there for the first day of our new associate, my buddy Fr. Andrew. I love this dynamic duo that we have. I love their youth, their energy, and the excitement that they are bringing to all of us. 

Well, it's Wednesday and it's time to fly, or so we thought. A voice from above, not God, said we have a problem. We don't have a flight attendant and those with connecting flights after 8:30 pm won't make it. Well, that message included 4 of us who were hoping to be in Nashville that evening. Our flights were rescheduled for 9 am the following day. This trip proved to be flawless as we made our connections and arrived in Nashville as scheduled. Unfortunately we missed out on quite a bit of the programs, but at least we made it. The great part of the delay was that I got to spend some time with some really good friends, who gave me a place to stay for the evening.

The final evening is awards and unfortunately they tend to go on forever, like past 11 pm. With an early flight this is really brutal. I was up very early, left the hotel, and the flight to Philadelphia went smoothly. We arrived on time, headed directly for the gate and boarded the plane and sat, and sat, and sat. Over two hours of waiting and wondering, and then the news "the flight has been cancelled". Yuk! With very few flights headed to Manchester my rep got us both booked on a flight to Boston and then we rented a car to get to Manchester. I shared the "good news" with my wife who begged me to spend the night in Manchester with friends and I did just that. After all what's one more day. So once again I headed to my friends house for one more night.

The drive the next day went well and I planned on taking my folks to the 6 pm Mass. I got to serve as Acolyte and really enjoyed the Mass with our two priests who set out their goals of how we will grow, and who we need to minister too. I love these two guys and I'm really looking forward to working on their team. They both assured me that they will keep me very busy after ordination. 

This week has gone well. I'm back to a normal schedule of work, bowling on Tuesday evening and wrapping up the week early because of the extra hours in the airport. 

Today I served at a couple of funerals and got a chance to see Fr. Andrew serve. He has such a wonderful folksy way about him that is very endearing. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we are back in school.Our latest class is Canon Law and it started Monday and I missed the first one because of an ill employee. Wednesday Mike and I made the trip and we both are in agreement. As much as we have enjoyed these courses, the best part is the travel to and from Littleton. I really missed the moments of sharing and just being together. 

That's it! 

Tomorrow I serve again and start on my homework.

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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