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Sunday, February 2, 2014

"Mitch, I heard you are old!"

Welcome Fr. Andrew, welcome back home, welcome to where you are loved. Our Associate Fr. Andrew is quite the busy priest this weekend. He had two funerals on Saturday, two Masses on Saturday, and then he has four more to do today. He really has lots of energy and he is asking me to help out more in the liturgy. 

Today he had a great homily about Anna and Simeon, and how they prayed and waited and that today is the feast day of our elderly parishioners. He spoke about how little we do know about them, except for the fact that they were devout, and waited patiently for the Lord. He shared with all of us that in the Divine Office we pray, "Lord now you let your servant go in peace", the same words spoken by Simeon upon recognizing the Lord. 

There is a buzz, and excitement in this parish over these two young priests, I love it! This Thursday night we will have a special Mass for the installation of our new Pastor. Mike and I will get to be involved. I know we are both excited. 

Well, I saved the best for last. During his homily as he spoke about Simeon and Anna, and our parishioners, he shared how we are called to serve, and then he looked back in the Sanctuary, he pointed and said..."Now matter how young or how old you are!" Yes, the comments started after Mass, and I seemed to get quite a few snickers from our community. 

Before I left our cantor said...."Mitch I heard you are old..." and then I added...."I don't get mad..... I get even!"

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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