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Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow, paint business, installation of pastor,......

It is Friday morning and last night we got a Noreaster. If you aren't from New England that's a Northeaster storm that made it's way up the coast. We were blessed with an abundance of the white stuff and also blessed with better temperatures. Needless to say it has been very cold.

Work in the store has been keeping me very busy and it is part of the reason that I haven't posted anything in about 12 days. We will have a changing of the guard here in the store and it means interviewing, paperwork, and all the fun stuff that comes with hiring a new employee. Yesterday I got a visitor coming by to do our annual audit. I don't know yet which one was worse, the storm or the audit. It's my day off and I'm still working as a customer found me on my cell phone and well, that's the way the world is today. 

Now to the special events. Last week we had an installation Mass for our new Pastor. In all my years I have never heard of such an event, nor has anyone older than I am. It was absolutely awesome, and very well attended. The church was approximately half full, so I'm guessing we had 600 people attending on a Thursday evening. I know Fr. Kyle was surprised and deeply touched. 

I did mention we are back in school and I know that I have shared the joys and the miseries we have experienced via teleconferencing. We haven't had a problem free year yet, and this one is no exception. The three of us who travel the furthest gave up after an hour and a half of waiting. 

Today I'm finishing up my homework, cleaning the driveway, and just enjoying a quiet day at home with the dogs. 

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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