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Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Day of School!

I never dreamed of another day of school when I stopped going to school back in 1981. Here I am and many others of us (Aspirants) starting again. Living in Berlin guarantees you one thing in life, you will travel and no distance is too great. My first little ride of many to come to Plymouth. Just a leisure 1 1/2 hour scoot down 93. I was excited, I just couldn't wait till we got started. I was the furthest away from the school and in typical Berlin fashion I was the first to arrive.

Soon thereafter Steve, Linda, and our instructor Sr. Monique arrived, and not too long after that Tom arrived. We were all there early and Sr. Monique asked if we could get started. Everyone agreed, it was easy since we are only 4 students taking this course. Sr. began with a short autobiography of her life and asked us to do the same. It was amazing to hear about every one's life and discovering that though we were all a little different we would all be sharing the same journey together.

You know when something is special when it clicks right away. This is it! We were all clicking right from the start and you all know where I'm going with this; before we knew it, it was time to leave. The ride home seemed to pass away quickly, and yes I was careful not to hit a moose on the way home. I Love this, and I want more.

I started my homework last night, and spent about an hour and a half reading, writing notes, and reflecting. I am being challenged again on many fronts. First to get back in the Academic mode, second to read books (remember this is definitely not my favorite thing to do), and also challenged Spiritually. I feel inspired and moved in a way that is definitely awesome.

I met Mike Johnson yesterday and he asked how it went and that he was thinking about me. I shared my first night of school and I felt touched by his caring thought. I'm also concerned about everyone of us (Aspirants) and inspired. I am starting to know a few of our team and I like what I see. The honesty, the devotion, the caring that is felt is contagious. I come away from meeting and knowing each person and realize that each and every time we gather we become better disciples. Without a doubt "Where two or three (or more) are gathered together Our Lord is there!"

Thank You Lord for giving me this great gift!

Peace to all of my brothers and their wives.

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