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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just an ordinary guy learning to Trust in God's Providence!

I have a late start for going to work today and it gives me a great opportunity to relate to a word that has been popping up in my life lately. It's been amazing how in the past few months I have had these situations or moments that make me stop and reflect. The reason I'm referring to my title of my blog is because of the word TRUST. Trust in God's Providence, Trust in your professors, "Fear is Useless, what is needed is Trust," by Richard Gribble CSC  No ONE but YOU!

Trust is very difficult for all of us. It is easy to Trust in someone or something when everything is going great in our lives. The real challenge comes when we face difficulties, hardships, and problems. I used learning because I fall into that trap also. I always want to follow and Trust in God, but I seem to want to have my life packaged up neatly with all the answers before me. Frustration sets in and I seem to move off course by getting irritated etc. And then it hits me, God's subtle little messages that reassures me that all I need to do is TRUST.

This past Saturday morning I and many others attended Orientation at Saint Anselm College to begin our journey in learning more about God and our Spirituality. Katherine Tardif worked with all of us to help get us jump started back into the student mode of our lives. For me it's been since 1981 that I set foot into a formal classroom. Katherine touched on many important topics from the dynamics of working and incorporating our personal experiences in faith and the Church's Tradition. Two single words that she used that day hit me hard. Trust and Walk, and today only I will relate to Trust. Katherine mentioned that we should Trust our Professors who will be teaching us. Trust that they will be honest with us, and our works will remain confidential. Throughout my life I don't remember anyone asking me to TRUST my teacher. I think this will put us all in the right mindset before we even set foot in the classroom. I guess I was reminded that day that I must continuously learn to TRUST in God. By the way even with the 2 hour plus drive this was a great day to revisit with the Aspirants, other faithful seeking to learn, and seeing Pat again.

"Fear is Useless, What is needed is TRUST!There was that word again TRUST. I am still reading the book  "No ONE but YOU!" and it had been a little over a day since I had a chance to read it, and because of the early morning drive I put off reading the chapter.  I was very excited about Saturday and really enjoyed the beautiful and relaxing ride home. My wife and I thought of inviting family and friends over for a backyard campfire. As soon as I got home I helped out  and my Dad started the campfire. Family and friends were coming by and before we knew it we had about 15 people sharing time together. I Love these moments with everyone, we share memories, we laugh, we talk, and we just have fun together. At about 11 everyone said there goodbyes and we all called it another great evening to share. Another day had passed without getting a chance to get to my book. At this point I still didn't know what would be waiting for me in the book.

Sunday morning I get up and caught up with my prayers and finally the chance to read again. There it was "Fear is Useless, What is needed is TRUST!" the title hit me hard. There I am facing that word again. What is most interesting is how the author puts it by saying Fear is Useless. The author uses great examples of how the faithful have TRUSTED in our Lord. Richard recalls the woman who Trusts that if she could only touch the cloak of Jesus she would be cured, and of course our Lord tells her that her Faith had healed her. The author also speaks of the Roman military leader who asks of the Lord to heal his family member who is ill and dying. The Roman leader doesn't require that the Lord comes with him to pray over his family he TRUSTS that Jesus has only to say it will be so and he believes. Of course Our Lord was moved by this Trust and Faith by a previous non follower. I know this chapter was saved for the right moment to teach me a lesson. Trust and have Faith in the Lord! Relax everything is going to be OK!

This past weekend I was blessed to share time, with old and new brothers and friends. I Trust all of you had as Blessed of a weekend as I  DID!

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