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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A moment, a feeling, a coincidence?

Friday afternoon in Berlin & I'm getting out early from work. I decided to pop in at our Parish Book store that is managed by the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary (my teachers in Catholic School Guardian Angel, and Berlin Regional Catholic Junior High). I just had a feeling, a desire, to look around and see if any book caught my attention.

While searching around I met up with Mrs. Sanschagrin who is the wife of the Knight who stopped me to offer the financial support for the coming year. I just had to share with her the story about this unusual circumstance. She was definitely moved by the moment, or some would say a coincidence. I am not a strong believer in coincidences. I felt that the moment was open for me to share and explain how God is supporting me and guiding my feet into the way of peace. We both discussed our education and goals and we would both like to have a Bachelor's degree in Theology, maybe someday when the next four years proceed.

I started looking around and found a book that caught my attention. The cover stock was yellow (two things to know about me, I was a salesman for a printing company, and also I manage a Sherwin-Williams Paint store in Berlin) and then the title got me "No ONE but YOU" by Richard Gribble, CSC  Living Your Call in an Ever-Changing World. Well there is something else I can share about me, I really don't like reading too many books, I don't know maybe ADHD or the fact I have a short attention span. Well this happens to be my kind of book. Short paragraphs and a message that gets right to the point in each short chapter. It fits my daily prayer time and offers me challenges each and every day. I love it, I give it Mitch's two thumbs up!!!!

My last funny story about this unusual moment, is that when I came to pay I tried my debit card. Sister said were too small of a store and they only accept cash or check. Well I asked to have the book put aside and I would come back to pay. Sister told me to take the book and come back another day to pay. Not your typical store, I still haven't paid her yet but I'm sure she knows where to find me. Sister and Mrs. Sanschagrin both mentioned that they would be praying for me, and the feeling was both great and humbling. I'm sure all the Aspirants understand. At times the outpouring is overwhelming, and it leads me to believe that we have such a great need in our parishes and communities that many are excited by this.

Please anyone share your coincidences, feelings, or moments with others, and if the Spirit moves you post it on my blog.

God Bless

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