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Friday, September 10, 2010

How does the Spirit Move You Today???

How is the Spirit moving you Today? Today like many days I questioned why doesn't someone recognize a person for their kind works. In this month's Parable I saw a picture and read an article about a very Faithful and Charitable family, the Dumont's Pierre, Diana, and Gabrielle. I am proud to say they are one of our own. I often times wonder why we are suddenly moved by the Holy Spirit and today it happened again. It's great that the Diocese sees and recognizes the Dumont's efforts and Love. Why stop there, I felt that everyone in Berlin and Gorham should know about these people. I said to others someone should get this to the newspaper and have them carry this story.  Today the Holy Spirit inspired me to at least attempt to make this happen. I visited the Berlin Daily Sun and met with a reporter friend and asked him to share the Good News. I'm not sure it will really happen but at least one other person in Berlin will know about the Dumonts.

Each and every day we are afforded an opportunity to share something special with others, and are called to break out and evangelize. Call it what you will, but the feeling was strong and impossible to resist. I was a little nervous but the words were easy to come by, you see I was Moved by the Spirit and nothing can stop what the Spirit wants.

I know this is my third blog of the week, yes you might have guessed I'm on vacation. I painted a little, cleaned a little, and found out that the Holy Spirit is never on vacation.  I hope each and everyone of us will let the Spirit Move them today, or tomorrow, or real soon!

Take Care, Bonjour, Peace to All.

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