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Friday, September 16, 2011

Feeling disconnected!

Well the bell has rung and we as candidates are now back in school. The first course is the Synoptic Gospels. This class is a new adventure for me in many ways, attending classes twice as often, and most of all having a class on the big screen. Honestly I have had my reservations on this method of teaching. I'm keeping an open mind on this and will let you know more as the weeks move on, even though my preference is still to have the conventional way of learning.(a living human being in front of me and not on a screen.)

There is one thing that I can tell you that I'm having trouble with. We have had two sessions, and at both sessions we have been disconnected from each session at least six times. The worst has been at the final twenty minutes of the classes. I hope this will be able to be worked out quickly.

One thing that is awesome is my travel partner Mike. The travel time passes away quite quickly when you have someone to share your stories with. Mike eliminated one concern of mine. How will I ever do evening prayers. On Tuesday night he offered to read the prayers and I really enjoyed being his prayer partner. Last night was my turn and even though it is different, I really enjoy it.

So apart from being disconnected a few times, I'm excited at being back on the road and in the classroom.

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis!


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