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Friday, August 3, 2012

A Request from Logan!


I am forwarding this appeal from Logan to all my readers. We ask that anyone within their means please donate to Logan's request, read on......................

August 1, 2012
Dr. & Mrs. James Wilton
Dear Jim and Roxanne,
Greetings!   I hope you are doing well and I will always be grateful for your generosity to me at the time of my foot surgery in May 2010.   I was thinking that maybe you or other people that you know might be able to help one of our students, Logan Genaw.  As Daughters of Mary, Mother of Healing Love we consider the healing of families to be our main mission.  We work toward this goal through our ministry at St. Charles Children’s Home and also through a new service which we recently began with the Rochester Public School Department. 
Through this Service, public school students whose behaviors have been so escalated as to impede their own and others’ learning, come here to St. Charles during the school day.  Here we help them to learn new pro-social behaviors and we strengthen their academic skills.  This service began on March 19, 2012 and so far five students have participated.  Early results seem successful overall.  In particular one of our students, Logan Genaw (who just turned ten years old on July 25), made very noticeable advancements.  At the time he came to us he was self-destructive and unable to be maintained in the general education classroom.  Here he made rapid progress both emotionally and academically.  He is a very intelligent boy and I think that his misbehaviors and self-destructiveness were at least partly rooted in his being bored and not sufficiently challenged in the public school setting.  A very providential opportunity has arisen for Logan to attend St. Elizabeth Seton School in Rochester this fall if enough benefactors can be found to pay his tuition (His family is only able to assist minimally with this).
We are writing to you to ask if you or someone you know could make a donation towards Logan’s tuition. We have set up an account at St. Elizabeth Seton School in Rochester, NH for the St. Charles Children’s Home tuition assistance program. If you are able to make a donation please make the check payable to St. Elizabeth Seton School and in the memo line write SCCH TAP (This stands for St. Charles Children’s Home Tuition Assistance Program). You can mail the check here and I will give it to the principal. I am enclosing a list of reasons that Logan wrote for why he hopes to attend Catholic school.  If we succeed in raising enough money for Logan then we would like to apply some of this tuition assistance to one of our residents, Charles, who would also greatly benefit from attending Catholic school.  Any support that you can offer towards this goal will definitely make a healing difference for these boys, as well as their families, and even future generations.  Please be assured of our gratitude and prayers for your contribution to this worthy goal.  Thank you and God bless you.
In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Sister Mary Rose, DMML, M.Ed.
Sister Mary Rose, DMML, M.Ed.
Supervisor of public school support service

 Ten Things why I want to go to St. Elizabeth Seton School
by Logan Genaw

  1. I can't function in public school
  2. Children are too loud in public schools
  3. I don't get challenged enough in public school
  4. I think the teachers will be nice at St. Elizabeth's because everyone looks happy in the picture
  5. I don't get the right kind of attention in public school
  6. There are too many kids around me in public school
  7. I'll be challenged at St. Elizabeth's
  8. I didn't have a lot of friends at my old schools
  9. People will be nicer at St. Elizabeth's
  10. I can learn about God
 Please help me to be able to go to St. Elizabeth's. Thank you very much.

PS please contact Sr. Mary Rose at stcharleshome.org  Rochester New Hampshire.

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