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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stand up, now, walk, and live

It seems when you listen, and truly listen, you can even hear the tiny whispers of the Lord. There has been so much going on in my life in the past couple of years and I wouldn't change them for anything. We all will go through many moments that tug at our hearts, and lift up our spirits, ironically they can happen almost simultaneously.

At a funeral Mass that I attended this week I heard one of my favorite songs .........."You are Mine" by David Haas! I love to sing and the emotions were very high that day, and then suddenly I hear and sing the words ...... "Stand up, now, walk, and live...." and then I thought ...... "why do these words strike me so hard?" Yes they are an inspiration for us all when we encounter life's challenges, when we are in need of Christ and he whispers to us, and then I remembered.  We have a new Bishop and he has been to Berlin 6 times since his installation and I thought of his coat of arms and his homily at his installation. 

All I could think of is this ..........  even though the road is tough, despite all life's challenges, we are  all called to arise, stand up, walk, and live. It will never be easy, especially if you're like me, stubborn, and too self reliant. In those moments we need to tune out the distractions and listen to those tiny whispers which will help us get and live as Christ taught us.

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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