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Thursday, September 6, 2012

and no one saw your footprints!

"Your thunder rolled round the sky,
your flashes lighted up the world.
The earth was moved and trembled
when your way led through the sea,
your path through the mighty waters
and no one saw your footprints. "

From Psalm 77 "Recalling God's Good Works!"

 I'm trying to get back to my regular schedule but unfortunately at times life gets in the way. This week has been one of my toughest week to bear with some family issues, a busy work schedule, and the anticipation of a new school year beginning. I was reminded yesterday through the Lord that He is in my life, ready, and waiting for me, and open to sharing the burdens I have dealt with. Throughout my life I have seen magnificent things happen, special events, and throughout all of these He has been there. I have had times where I soared like an Eagle, and times where I've felt as lowly as an ant, and every time He was there. 

This psalm made me think of the poem about footprints, and yet it is so different. We all see the magnificence of the Lord at various times in our lives, and yet we never see the footprints. 

When we wrap ourselves up and try to handle it on our own, we never see the footprints. We pump ourselves up when things are great, and we can get awfully cranky when there not. 

This week I needed this prayer time to be reminded that as we pass through those mighty waters we will never see the footprints, but we need to know and feel in our hearts that He is there!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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