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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Anxious to swim in the deep end?

I mentioned last week that I would share some of the thoughts that flooded my mind on my sales meeting trip. With Lent only a few days away I thought that this would be appropriate.

I was listening to NPR and the guest mentioned how as we children we all had one goal as the summer went on! We couldn't wait until we were old enough to swim in the deep end. As a child I was relegated to the corded off area to swim only. I wasn't big enough, I wasn't old enough, I wasn't good enough to get there. Well the only way to get there was to prove to others that I was ready. I took lessons, worked as hard as I could, and then that glorious day. You are ready! It was everything, I mean everything I thought it would be. I'm one of the big boys now, and there will be no stopping me. 

Even though I made the grade I continued to work on getting better. I now had to learn how to dive, build up some endurance so I could swim under water as long as possible, and be strong enough when we would make that special trip. The Ocean! I have loved to body surf ever since I can remember. I loved how the waves would drive me to shore if I caught just the right one. Even today I still love that thrill.

Now on the subject of Lent. If I put the same effort into my faith as I did in swimming would I get the same results, or the same thrill? Since I started this journey Lent has meant so much more to me. I want to get out of the shallow end of my faith, and plunge into the deep end. I know it will continue to take effort on my part, and with the grace of God it can be done! 

I've got to become like St. Peter, and say "Lord, if you want me to try again I will!" 

And so we begin on Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, 02/13/13! 

I want to swim in the deep end!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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