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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I know you!

This weekend's Gospel we hear about how the "locals" dealt with Jesus when they were reunited with each other in a different setting. Jesus faced the old adage, "No one is a prophet in his own town!" 

Fr. Marc spoke about this in his homily, as to how people seem to save that little bit of information as power over someone they knew. When we have been familiar with someone we tend to feel we know them all to well and our expectation levels are different. You can't be an expert in your own town, is something that I have had to deal with in my business. 

The only exception that I have ever seen of this is when one the locals makes it big on some stage or activity in their lives and everyone seems to want to acknowledge them by saying "They are one of us!" Yet, down inside there probably still is that lingering doubt that comes with familiarity by at least one individual.

My daughter called the other day and stated how she has had to battle views of how she used to be. She commented..........." Can't they see that I have changed, I've grown up, I'm not the same person that I used to be!" Amazing! I told her that Jesus had gone through the same thing she did many years ago, and I'm sure Jesus said they same thing my daughter did! Fr. Marc related holding on to that information as "grenades" that we save and are ready to let go whenever needed!

In less than two years, and God willing of course, Mike and I will be ordained Deacons. It isn't supposed to be a slam dunk that we will be assigned to our home parish, but the likelihood of being somewhere else is pretty remote. 

So, being two local boys that grew up knowing almost everyone in this town we probably will be facing a few of those grenades ourselves. I know we will have to pray and ask help from the expert on this topic, Our Lord Jesus Christ! Maybe they will able to see that we both have changed, we have grown, and we aren't the same persons we used to be!

Bonjour et adieu mes Amis,


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