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Friday, February 1, 2013

What will you be doing this Lenten season?

I'm finally back, and that statement falls on several plains. I have stated in the past that there have been challenges that have changed me. Unfortunately, I had also lost a few things during this period. My posting on this blog has been less frequent, I haven't written anything in a journal for a couple of months, there seemed to be a fire missing inside of me. 

On Sunday I left for my journey to Nashville to attend the National Sales Meeting. On that ride to Manchester I was listening to NPR and felt that the Lord was talking to me through words being shared by the program. They mentioned a few things that touched me deep inside, so much so that I had to stop the car to write them down. I will post them soon but the interesting part was that, the next day in my hotel room I wrote down about three pages of reflections that came to me. 

This journey has kindled a new fire inside of me. I've come back energized, on many levels, but especially spiritually! 

So today I'm playing catch up in my course and reviewed the chat session that I missed on Wednesday night. Again, the Spirit found a way to inspire me. I was looking at the messages posted on "sacrifice", which is something we all feel that it is something we give up for the greater good. Noble thoughts, and extremely noble actions. Yet we learned in that unit that Christ's Passion, His sacrifice was a complete giving of himself unselfishly! All I could see from the others was how sacrifice was more about doing something, rather than giving up something. We all can become more Christ like when we give of our selves unselfishly to others. We do that when we spend time with those who are lonely, those who are sick, being in the presence of those in need! 

So my challenge this Lent will be to find something to do to be more Christ like! 

I'll let the Spirit guide me on that one! After all He helped to get back on track!

Bonsoir et Adieu mes Amis,


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