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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is Michael there?

Well yesterday we were all reminded that winter is still around and we got covered with a bunch of the white stuff. It was absolutely gorgeous looking around town early this morning. There was a beautiful blanket enveloping the city. It looked so clean, and so pure.

Even though the weather is warming up a little bit, the activity in the store is starting to heat up.We have our semi-annual Bucket Sale starting next week and we are pulling out all the stops to be our district's champion again. I always answer the phone at the store the same way, "Good morning Sherwin-Williams this is Mitch speaking , how may I help you?" Quite often I get is Mitch there, and I realize most people aren't really paying attention to my welcoming voice. Today I got "Is Michael there?"  I said yes, speaking. We have caller id and I noticed that the call came from the new federal prison. They are becoming one of my best customers and to see that number pop up wasn't unusual at all. 

This call was very different. The young man stated who he has and then said "oh yeah, Mitch is your alias!"  Alias? I'm then quickly wondering what this was about and then he shared that he would be leading a group for volunteer training later this month and wanted to know if I would be available for that date. I quickly looked at the calendar and committed to something four years ago I said I really never wanted to do. He gave me all the details I needed for that day! Be there by 8 am and bring a picture ID, that's it! Simple enough!

This journey that I'm on has been filled with many interesting twists. If you would have asked me early on I would have said the journey began when Fr. Rich asked me to meet with him to discuss something important. But as I look back this journey was obviously set in motion even before I was born. I look back and see how I was formed along the way, and all these moments have prepared me for what was to come. My family, my time at Guardian Angel School, my years as an Altar Boy, my years as a Boy Scout and Leader, my best friend that I met when I was eleven,  my time at St. Meinrad, my wife and children, my work, my time as a volunteer, my 2 plus years of formation and meeting some of the greatest people I know, and now another calling that tugs deep inside of me. 

How do you prepare for something that is so different? I guess you really can't! This is a change that requires much more than I have inside of me. In almost everything I've done in the past I've felt that I at least have had some preparation for handling the job. This time, I'm really leaving into the hands of the Lord. The Lord has guided me to seek help from my Spiritual Director, who guided me to a prison chaplain, and I also ordered a book to at least shed some light into what I can expect. I've even gone on line to look up information and insight. These are all very helpful but I realize that alone I can't do this, and I think of St. Paul ..............." I can do all things with the one who guides me!"

I'll be praying for patience and guidance awaiting for the date the training begins, but also realizing that the training began a long time ago!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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  1. Great reflection Mitch! Its amazing to look back on our lives and see the pattern that brought us where we are today. You will make an awesome deacon. Love you buddy!